• Drinking Water Systems
  • Blending Controller 
  • Flowmeter - Ultrasonic / Coriolis Mass / Turbine / PD / Orifice
  • Pressure Regulators/Control Valve

We offer instrument & control engineering, procurement & construction solutions for energy industry especially Oil & Gas and Water sectors. Our team work directly with your team to come to the best solution for your needs.

Providing Smart Cloud Solutions for Industrial applications. This extends with real time monitoring, alarming, reporting and data archiving.

- Water Filtration & Processing

- Smart Industrial Solutions

- ROI Calculation
- Instrument Selection
- Software Programming
- Cost Estimating
- Life Cycle Costing
- Risk Analysis




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Turnkey Instrument & Control projects with focus on providing clean drinking water solution.

Liquid & Gas Custody Transfer / Allocation Flow Metering Solutions combined with Regulation System.   In-line blending solutions​.

- Turnkey I&C Works

- Liquid & Gas Metering Solutions
- Blending Solutions
- Automation Solutions
- Feed & Detail Engineering 
- Project Management
- Procurement Management
- Construction Planning


As solution to growing acute watercrisis, our NEER system converts sea water to drinking water meeting WHO city tap water requirements. Contact us for similar requirements. Watch operational video at https://youtu.be/YbamTdarTHs 

HSES requirements are fundamental needs for an organization and its employees. Moving in this direction, 1-KNOT is now bizSAFE level 4 certified. This additionally makes us provide solutions ensured better in terms of safety with respect to design, operation and maintenance.​