In-line blending is becoming a widely accepted cost effective method in increasing the efficiency of end product, especially crude. The dynamic control implemented is to ensure that the end product meets the necessary parameters such as density, viscosity or sulphur content. These parameters are dynamically measured as required for better & faster controls. 

Our range of in-line blending solutions can cater up to 5 streams with efficient recipe control and trim control with no off-spec product. The solution becomes complete with our 1-Knotrol blending controller and auto sampling system. The auto sampling system is optional and comes as a fast loop system and as a part of the blending system.  

Controls are performed by our 1-KNOTROL blending controller. Details under Products page.


Gas metering systems usually require pressure regulation systems (PRS) either upstream or downstream of the metering skid. PRS system is widely used in distribution lines which require for natural gas pressure reduction suitable for downstream distribution and protecting downstream pipeline/equipment from over pressure. PRS skids come with combination of Slam Shut Valve, Active and Monitor Regulators. Gas pressure regulation can be wide open monitor or working monitor based on application. Pressure set points can be adjusted either manually or option for remote set point change. Pressure regulators can be axial or globe depending on the pipe sizes and control action required and pressure drop allowed.

Liquid Metering systems are designed to:
Turbine Metering - API5.3
Coriolis Metering - API5.6
USM Metering - API5.8

Proving systems designed to:
Small Volume Provers - API4.3
Master Turbine Meters - API4.5

Metering - GAS & LIQUID

Custody transfer flow metering for liquid and gas matters when it concerns buying and selling oil & gas. It is beyond possessing international and local standards. In-depth understanding and experience of flow dynamics is what matters when it comes to a successful metering solutions for custody transfer and allocation flow metering.

With our extensive experience in handling and successful execution of metering projects; we provide solutions standing by your side rather on manufacturer side hence creating avenues to increase your profitability.

Our metering systems are engineered with RGB ideology to meet international metering standards API, AGA, ISO. Metering systems come as a skid fabricated fully assembled to customized design with:

  • Skid General Arrangement Drawings
  • Uncertainty Calculations to ISO5168
  • Piping stress calculations
  • Skid COG and Lifting calculations
  • Pressure drop calculations
  • Sampling Calculations to ISO3171
  • Wake frequency calculations to ASME PTC19.3
  • Customized flow reporting and HMI screens
  • RALF-IT integration flow test of skid & flow metering panel to check functionality & pressure drop of the entire system

The metering systems are handled in turn key manner which include detailed engineering, procurement, skid fabrication. The skids are fabricated either in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. Inspection and testing include inspection test plan, procedure approvals, welding procedures and MTR.

in-line blending

Gas Metering systems are designed to:
Orifice Metering - AGA3, ISO5167
Turbine Metering - AGA7
USM Metering - AGA 9
Coriolis Metering - AGA11

Calorific value and Heating Calculations - AGA8, ISO6976