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  • Coriolis Mass Flowmeter,
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter,
  • Turbine Flowmeter,
  • PD Meter,
  • Orifice Flowmeter,
  • Densitometer,
  • Pressure Regulators and Safety Valves
  • Pressure Control valves and Flame Arrestors 
  • PLC Control Systems


blending controller


Blending controller

In-line blending controller that is suitable for hazardous area outdoor installation with control features up to 5 streams and customisation option for more. The quick recipe control and smart trim control with our unique piping arrangement gives no off-spec end product. The controller comes with touch screen for easier user interface and remote diagnostic port. Communicate to plant DCS through Modbus TCP/IP, Serial or OPC. 

Key Features:

  • 5 stream control and expandable on request
  • 7in touchscreen HMI for user interface
  • Quick Recipe control and Smart Trim control
  • Weather protection to IP65

Options available :

  • Mounting features for wall and pole
  • Self-powered using solar cells for remote installations
  • Expandable number of streams

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Drinking water system

authorized system partner PRODUCTS

Water is an essential component for every one. With NEER it is now easier to get uncompromised quality drinking water. Our skid based membrane systems starting from 1m3/day are capable of removing salts as well as other impurities such as mineral salts, bacteria, sugars, proteins, dyes and constituents that have a molecular weight greater than 150-250mg/l.

  • Consistent drinking water meeting WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines

  • Advanced high quality membrane

  • Disinfectant - UV Filtration and Ozone Dosing

  • Pure Aqua to meet your water needs

  • Low power consumption

  • Engineered with our unique RGB ideology

  • Simple Instrumentation  

  • Safety devices with detection and remote monitoring

  • Low Operating and Maintenance costs